My views of Rio de Janeiro

The flags of Rio de Janeiro (left) and Brazil.


Rio, cidade maravilhosa ... View from Corcovado towards Sugar Loaf.

Skyline of Rio as seen from the sister city of Niterói.

Statue of Christ the Redemptor on top of the Corcovado mountain.

Another view of Rio's beautiful landscape from the Corcovado mountain.

The Copa Cabana seen from the cabin of the cable car to the Sugar Loaf.

The Corcovado mountain, with the statue of Christ the Redemptor on top, seen from the Sugar Loaf cable car station.

Rio de Janeiro, city in the midst of tropical paradise. (View from the mountain road to the Corcovado.)

Another panoramic view from the same mountain road, leading through dense jungle.

Rio de Janeiro is undoubtedly the world's most beautiful large city in terms of landscape.

I visited Rio de Janeiro in August 2007.

Background music: Brasileirinho by W. Azevedo.