My views of San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico

The Federal Building (Government House) in old San Juan. capital of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth associated with the United States of America.

Monument of Cristóbal Colón

Old town of San Juan, Norzagary quarters, with San Juan Fort in the background.

Coastline of Puerto Rico, on approach to the port of San Juan in the morning

Small island with palm trees at the approach to the port of San Juan

Above and below: approach to San Juan with El Morro, the old fortress.

Cruise ship port of San Juan

Downtown San Juan with fortifications

Sunset over the old fort of San Juan

Sunset over the pittoresque old town

Isla Verde

El Morro, the old fortress of San Juan.

Typical alley in San Juan's old town.

I visited Puerto Rico on two Caribbean cruises in 1993 and 2012.