My views of Tyrol

Innsbruck - Mutters - Fulpmes - Schwaz (September 2013)


The valley of Innsbruck with Nordkette (northern mountain chain), seen from the village of Mutters.

Innsbruck, "Goldenes Dachl" (Golden Roof) with Nordkette (northern mountain range)

Innsbruck, Maria-Theresien-Strasse towards Nordkette

Innsbruck, downtown, Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse

View of Innsbruck from Berg Isel (where the Tyroleans fought Napoleon's troops in 1809)

Innsbruck, Cathedral of St. Jacob

Innsbruck, parish church of Saggen district

Innsbruck, merchant's house in the Wilten district


Parish church of the village of Mutters, south of Innsbruck

Above and below: Landstrasse ("country road") of the village of Mutters



Farmer's house, dating back to thw 16th century, in the village of Fulpmes (in a mountain valley south of Innsbruck)

The magnificent parish church of Fulpmes (in baroque style)

Merchant's house in Fulpmes


The medieval city of Schwaz, center of silver mining in the Middle Ages, with parish curch in the background

New bell tower of the parish church of Schwaz

Above and below: parish church of Schwaz