I was born on 6 July 1968 in the village of Hayriye, municipality of Inegöl, province of Bursa.

I lived in the town of Bursa until I moved to Vienna in 1984. Below you find a brief information on my hometown.

Hayriye, place of my birth

Yesil Türbe

Bursa is the capital of Bursa Province. It is the 6th largest city in Turkey. (Population: 1,030,000 in 1995.) Situated in northwestern Turkey, Bursa is divided into three parts by a series of ravines, which are spanned by a number of bridges.

A ruined castle on a rocky eminence in the central section marks the site of ancient Prusa. The city is noted for its mosques, some of which show the influence of Byzantine, Persian, and Arab architecture; for its hot sulfur springs and baths; and for its tombs, containing the remains of several early Ottoman sultans. Silk spinning and the manufacture of towels and rugs are among the principal industries of the city.

Founded in the 3rd century BC by Prusias I, king of Bithynia, and made the royal capital, Bursa later was included in the Roman and Byzantine empires. It was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire between 1326 and 1364. In this period, the famous Ulu Camii mosque was built (1399). The city is also known as Yesil (green) Bursa because many of its 15th Century buildings are painted in this colour. One of my favourite buildings in Bursa is the famous Green Mausoleum (Yesil Türbe) (see photo on the left side or follow the link below).

Views of Bursa

  Famous sites: Ulu CamiiYesil Türbe | Cem Sultan Tomb